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What are some interesting ideas for FIFA19 6 rumored secrets

Search FIFA related posts on the Internet, you will find a lot of senior fans commented that they will not get the latest news before the game is released, through further investigation will find that players do not like EAs insignificant new year and more games a feeling of.
These remarks will soon become a reality.

The rumors about FIFA19 are much faster than Neymars transfer rumors. It seems that EA is considering a radical change, which may change the year-to-year game series they have been working on forever. However, these messages have yet to be observed, but it may turn FIFA19 into the most interesting version.

Whether or not these rumors will eventually come true, you need to understand them. Because this will change the way you play FIFA forever. A revolution is coming...

6. Changes in dynamic weather systems
The application of the dynamic weather system started with FIFA18.
Remember those sayings that dynamic weather would change the way FIFA games are played? This sounds great, and fans will begin to think about how the sudden heavy rain in the game will help their teams beat their opponents in key cups, or what will happen in games around the world. s difference?

In the end, all the discussion came down to rain showers. This is the only weather option in the game that reflects the initial visual effects of EA and found that they were not satisfied with it. The popular FIFA website dreamteamfc claims that developers will focus this year on making weather a more important component.

Because the other game is doing better, Konami beat them with PES. In PES, the weather does affect the game. EA cant focus on this promotion. If it does, then once the game is released, they will not cooperate with EA, especially if the main competitors are trying to get it.
5. Super League can join in
Another EA franchise website, FIFPlay, recently conducted a poll to see which player players want to join the FIFA19 lineup. The results may surprise you.

The Czech League ranked third with 68,336 votes. Above this, the UAE professional football league ranked second with 69,874, while the Chinese Super League ranked first with 75,088 votes. The top ten also include India¡¯s I League, German Women¡¯s Football League A and Iran¡¯s Professional Football League.

This may be an exaggeration, but FIFPlay suggests that every playable league in FIFA should have a lower level. The passion for advancement and relegation can keep things fresh, and winning matches against the same team every year without any changes is quite boring.
In the past few years, the Super League has always been a gathering place for big consortia. Although they do not have the advantages of the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga, it is indeed valuable. I hope that EA is paying attention to this issue. If they want FIFA to be the most comprehensive football game in the game market, then they must include everything they need.
Or, they can also allow Konami to obtain authorization from Super League.
4. Goodbye to the old generation host
In 2013, EA promised to continue supporting Xbox 360 and PS3 at least until 2017. This means that FIFA18 may be the last game that can continue to support them. Fans are guessing that EA will wave goodbye to 360 and PS3, put more focus on the latest consoles, and further develop NS games.
This will be the first time since FIFA06 that the game has not been sold on Microsoft and Sonys old system. This is like the end of an era.

The sale of FIFA18 is called the heritage version. The picture has improved significantly, but the playability has not improved much more than FIFA17. This means that 360 and PS3 players have only received some dispensable updates, and there is nothing else.
EA has not announced whether they are ready to leave the old generation of hosts, but this approach makes more sense because Xbox One and PS4 are cheaper than ever before, which makes it possible for those who decided to stick to their precious 360 and PS3 hosts before. Players can easily afford it.
3. NS version development is in trouble?
According to the French website, as of January 2018, the NS version of FIFA has sold 73,000 units.
This isnt too high, and given that FIFAs performance on NS is not as good as on Xbox One and PS4, this figure will definitely be lower. Nintendos players dont even have time to play this game, which is also considered to be one of the biggest selling points of FIFA18 before the launch.

There may be news of FIFA19 login to the NS platform this year. But who knows? Although this should not directly affect the development of FIFA19, it is important that players do not find EAs history of developing soccer games on Nintendo consoles elsewhere.
This may well be just a gimmick.
Recently, PSVR has become an important topic for EA.
The fan site dreamteamfc has noticed Nate Mitchells comments on European players a few years ago when virtual reality was also being disseminated as Sony hardware. After that, Mitchell looked forward to the tempting prospects of using virtual reality to sit in the stands with friends to control the action on the court.
This sounds interesting, and it is also likely to be closer to reality than some people think. Sony has already exceeded its initial half-year sales target and has already sold 1 million units. This is enough to make EA believe that involving VR is a smart idea, whether it is a gimmick or not, which is very popular.
In addition, the immersive sense of virtual reality is unmatched. According to EA, last years game atmosphere in the game made the audiences activities more active. When the player-controlled team meets at home or scores goals, the atmosphere on the court will also affect the team. In fact, you will feel the fiery atmosphere when you sit in the stands or in the box and listen to the loud noises around you.
1.FIFA may become a subscription service
There is also one of the biggest rumors: EA may be about to cancel the annual FIFA boxed version of the game, and turn this series into a moment of time subscription service, and constantly changing and updating according to real-life football.
Is this too fast for FIFA19? Maybe, because EA even discusses this in the media is a fact. For fans who think that the annual release is outdated, this should be a huge leap forward. If you are tired of minor game adjustments and new additions, then this will be what makes FIFA an annual nuisance to an immersive paradise.

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