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How To Get FIFA Coins?

You will receive your FIFA Ultimate Team Coins via the Transfer Market of the game. For this purpose, you make one of the players in your FIFA Ultimate Team Club available for sale (direct purchase) and fill in the according informations during placing your order: FUT Team Name, Player Name, Player Position, Player Nation, Player Quality, Player Rating Etc.

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Great service, customers service were really helpful. I will hopefully be buying fifa coins with you again in the future. Thank you ffmmo!


Just ordered 1000K xbox coins, have it now, very fast delivery, i need a lot of coins always, so plz keep the good work, i will buy more. Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates Orsinium DLC

For MMORPGs, expansions and DLC are a key element that gives players the chance to explore new lands, get new things, and just make the game bigger. For The Elder Scrolls Online, their DLC is often very big, and of the years since its launch, it's had many DLCs. One of which Orsinium, which is actually celebrating its two year anniversary. And as such, the team at Zenimax are hosting a special event for it, both for players who have it, and those who don't.

So, the event will start on the 16th, and will go until November 27th. One of the big things this event will do is put the DLC on sale for 750 Crowns. Which is actually a 75% discount. So, if you haven't gotten the DLC yet, this is a great time. For this DLC gives you the ability to go to Wrothgar, as well as an epic story that is set in the area, along with a couple dungeons, and an arena for you to battle in.

But, there's also a Collector's Edition for 2000 Crowns. This edition gives you the DLC, a bear mount, a bear cub pet, and some experience scrolls.

Now, once you have (or if you already have) the DLC, the other half of the event will kick in. Mainly, if you go to Wrothgar and do certain activities, you'll be able to earn special bonuses. For example, if you decide to craft some nodes, you'll earn double the items for them. Or, if you do battle in the Maelstrom Arena, you'll earn double the rewards from the chests. Finally, by doing the daily Wrothgar quests, you'll earn double the reward boxes.

So, with this very special offer from Elder Scrolls Online, if looks like you might have a lot to do in the next week or so.

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